Our Mission statement

We believe in creating a space, where all people are treated equally—where everybody can engage in the sciences and interact through creativity, playful competition, and exciting experimentation. We honor moments that can be cherished forever, starting with the exceptional experience our staff create for each and every guest. Everyone at The Drunken Laboratory holds the undeniable passion to enjoy life to the fullest and to inspire our guests to do the same, through scientific exploration, creativity, games, music, and play. 

We strive to create memorable, love-filled experiences for our guests by providing group-focused, interactive fun that excites all people, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexuality, or culture, in the wacky world of science.

come one come all

Our History

Our Story

The Drunken Laboratory began as an after-school program introducing disadvantaged students to the incredible world of science. After quitting her job as a patient coordinator, our founder, Cautney Nelson, started a nonprofit called Millennial Scnce in March of 2019. Millennial Scnce allowed Nelson to teach and inspire underprivileged students through interactive, STEM-focused programming. As she soon discovered, both children and adults loved the fun curricula she curated, which made her wonder how could she continue to engage this older crowd of science lovers in an innovative way.

Thus, in October of 2019, “Sicnce & Sip” was born: Nelson created an immersive experience, in which adults could conduct outlandish science experiments, while sipping delicious drinks with their friends. The project evolved into “The Drunken Laboratory,” catching guests’ attention on Groupon and selling out in just two weeks without a set location, any reviews, or even a social media presence. One thing was clear: Guests craved a new, exciting way to engage with science, and The Drunken Lab’s delicious cocktails, thrilling games, immersive environment, interactive experiments, and live DJ did the trick.

The Drunken Laboratory soon averaged over 1,500 views daily on its freshly made website and became one of Groupon’s most viewed experiences in all of NYC. After many successful sessions, in March of 2020, The Drunken Laboratory took to Boston as a temporary installation and sold out all four sessions in a matter of days. Currently, The Drunken Laboratory is preparing to expand to Atlanta, GA for their second brick-and-mortar location in Fall 2025.

Nelson says “The simple goal of The Drunken Laboratory is to bring people together through science; and that will continue to be its main focus, as we continue to grow and reach more people.”

“Everything is
impossible, until
it is done.”

“The important
thing is not to stop

“time is short,
science is

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Drunken lab fun lab
Drunken lab fun lab
Drunken lab fun lab